Zombies At My Conference

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the zombie apocalypse began whilst you were at a conference? Would you survive? Would you risk your life drinking free beer, or just run away?

Zombies at my conference is a multiplayer zombie simulation where you select a conference to watch as the battle between zombies and humans plays out. You can add and move free beer around the map to attract humans and you can play Dubstep to attract zombies (you knew zombies love Dubstep didn't you). Who do you want to win? Now's your chance to finish off that annoying fella you met at NodeConfEU, or rescue all your friends from the Great British Node Conference.

Remember, all viewers are seeing the same thing, and you can change the outcome by influencing the simulation. All characters appearing are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or undead is purely the fault of lanyrd.

Brought to you by Roy Lines and James Bloomer competing as team 0x in Node Knockout 2013.

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Thanks to FreeSFX for their brilliant sounds, and Scott Wylie for his apocalyptic image of Didcot.